The Story Behind the OE Awards Trophy

Photo by Mario Badilla (CC-BY)

3d render of a wooden box with a trophy inside.
3D render of the award and its enclosure by Farith Tabash, UNED (CC-BY)

The conception, design, development, and production of the 2020 Open Education Awards for Excellence trophy was like no previous year.

It represents dynamism and forward-thinking in the open education movement and evolved from a two-dimensional image to a 3D printed object. We thought it would be an awesome way to recognize the work of the award winners.

Special thanks to the wonderful design work of Open Education Global’s Creative Director, Mario Badilla, and to the Fab Lab Kä Träre, at UNED, Distance State University of Costa Rica for creating this trophy that has been sent to the Individual Award winners every years since 2020.

The awesome video below shows the awards being generated from the original design by 3D printers at the Fab Lab.

Here’s a picture of the awards in their box before being shipped. 📦💨

Trophy in a case
Photo by Mario Badilla, OEGlobal (CC-BY)

Designed by: Mario Badilla, OEG Creative Director

Fabricated by: Fab Lab Kä Träre, UNED, Distance State University of Costa Rica

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