Leadership Award

Cable Green

Creative Commons (Washington, United States)

Director of Open Education, Creative Commons 

For the past 11 years, Cable has worked tirelessly with the global open education community to leverage open licensing, content, practices, and policies to significantly improve access to open education and research resources. Cable has dedicated his career to increasing access to educational opportunities for everyone around the world. He’s a leading advocate for open licensing policies that ensure publicly funded education materials are freely and openly available to the public that paid for them, and has helped multiple governments, foundations and civil society projects implement these policies.

Cable dedicates his time contributing to the open education community serving on multiple advisory boards (e.g., Global Digital Library, ICDE OER Public Policy), mentoring new community members through the CC Open Education Platform, as a dissertation advisor, giving conference workshops and webinars, and in 1-to-1 meetings with community members around the world. Cable’s default position is “how can I help?” and “what can we do right now?” He is an inspiring advocate, and a relentless supporter of communities around the world.

About Leadership Award

This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated significant leadership and longstanding involvement with Open Education. This person has made significant and clear contributions to the furtherance of the Open Education movement, with contributions to Open Education that have spanned regions and/or had a global impact.