Open Policy Award

Iniciativa Educação Aberta

UNESCO Chair in Distance Education / Educadigital Institute (São Paulo, Brazil)

The Open Education Initiative is a partnership between the UNESCO Chair in Distance Education and Educadigital Institute. A joint effort to advance Open Education and OER as part of a digital rights agenda in Brazil and the region since 2008. Their work includes professional development, mentoring in educational policy, research. publications, resource production and repositories, as well as on-site and distance education.  

Three recent highlights include an open course on OE/OER for over 300 higher education personnel, an OER Guidebook for policy makers and the “Open Education Policy Game”, a board game that support public and private institutions in the process of building and implementing open education policies based on an integrated vision of pedagogical, technical and legal challenges.

About Open Policy Award

Creation, adoption and implementation of an open policy, legislation or mandate. A policy with a clear impact of public investment in the development of open knowledge through the efficient use and reuse of resources for the public good.