Open Textbook Award

Open RN Nursing Fundamentals textbook

Chippewa Valley Technical College (United States)

This is the third OER nursing textbook created by the Open RN project that will be officially published in July 2021. The project was funded by a grant from the Department of Education. Over 100 international students and faculty members registered to review this OER textbook for comprehensiveness, accuracy, relevance/currency, clarity, consistency, organization, accessibility/usability, and diversity & inclusion.  The free e-book has CC-BY licensing and an optional, affordable print version is also available for purchase on Amazon and in college bookstores from XanEdu. Several learning activities with formative assessments are incorporated throughout the textbook to promote student success in their courses and on their nursing licensure exam.

About Open Textbook Award

An openly licensed textbook of exemplary quality in its presentation of educational content; allowing for easy access, sharing and adaptation.