Open Pedagogy Award

The Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap

Pennsylvania State University (United States)

The Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap aims to narrow the gap in the availability of practical resources that address project management for open pedagogy projects. Drawing from their collective experiences and the literature, Riehman-Murphy and McGeary developed a roadmap to guide faculty through the process of planning, implementing, sustaining, and sharing their own open pedagogy projects. 

The Roadmap takes instructors through reflecting on and documenting their customized responses around the 5 Ss of open pedagogy projects: Scope, Support, Students, Sharing, and Sustaining. It also asks instructors to reflect on and document the issues inherent in their open pedagogy work, such as values, student agency, assessment, and the role of open pedagogy in fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. While there are many affordances of open pedagogy projects for both students and instructors alike, there are also nuances that instructors may not have considered for traditional assignments because they are meant to be shared with future publics and also invite students into a different relationship with instructors and knowledge. Thus, there are additional considerations for both instructors and students alike. The Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap is a practical resource that is useful at any stage in developing or iterating an open pedagogy project—currently being used at multiple institutions.

About Open Pedagogy Award

An innovative open teaching practice that incorporates openness in several levels of the learning processes. Engaging not only in the production, use and reuse of content but also promoting effective open teaching practices.