Open Collaboration Award

The National Teaching Repository

Multiple Institutions (United KIngdom)

The National Teaching Repository is an online searchable database designed to foster the collective production and sharing of open resources, with a shared goal to support the continual improvement of learning and teaching.

The community that is the National Teaching Repository seeks to promote behaviours, and support practices that through shared open educational resources, open-up access to educational opportunities, including networking and collaboration, irrespective of background or culture. Sharing teaching and learning materials, high-quality scholarly outputs alongside tried and tested research and evidence-based strategies ‘that work’, through the community that is the National Teaching Repository supports open pedagogy, research, and the interchange of collaborative ideas.

In this space where colleagues can upload and share teaching resources, pedagogical research, approaches and ideas with the express interest in advancing pedagogy in practice contributors have reported their teaching practice has been enhanced and this has an impact on student learning. National Teaching Repository engagement drives improvements in teaching, which by supporting staff development, ultimately provides better opportunities and support for higher student attainment, achievement, and outcomes.

The National Teaching Repository provides colleagues with a global platform to gain recognition. In the same way that formal research (e.g., journals articles) is protected, the National Teaching Repository generates a DOI and citation, enabling work to be appropriately acknowledged. The National Teaching Repository embraces inclusivity by providing no barriers to access content. Authors retain all rights to their work, which can be linked to their ORCID ID account. Colleagues can measure the impact of their practice via Altmetric Data which enables them to secure recognition for their practice.

Sharing and accessing practice is easy, there is no need to register. Uploading/downloading takes just a few minutes. Built on the Figshare platform, the National Teaching Repository is free to use and accessible in multiple countries. During the process of submitting, colleagues can select the level of Creative Commons (CC) licensing they deem most appropriate to support availability for others to build upon and legally share their work. Celebrating the diversity of teaching and learning practice, the repository facilitates the wide dissemination of practice in a range of non-traditional research formats including PowerPoint and Poster Presentations, Teaching Resources, Data, Video/Audio Recordings, as well as published research.

Starting out initially as a UK-based resource, but quickly demonstrating global reach, the National Teaching Repository has grown to ensure effective governance of what has become a global space. A team of 8 colleagues oversee the day-to-day work. In addition, a team of curators help ensure that all materials shared on the platform are accessible, ethically sound, and free of errors. Providing an additional layer of quality assurance, our work is further supported by an ever-growing group of critical friends. To note, everyone is welcome and can join us as a friend. The National Teaching Repository community has growing support with 141 teaching-colleagues affiliated with 86 institutions globally. Underpinned by collaboration, build on the concept of colleague’s supporting colleagues, stretching across geographical boundaries, unencumbered by cost, the National Teaching Repository is making a real difference.

Introducing the National Teaching Repository (NTR), video shared by Dawne Irving-Bell.

    Organising Team

    • Professor Dawne Irving-Bell, BPP University (Founder)
    • Dr Scott Turner, Canterbury Christ Church University (Data Analytics)
    • Dr Nathalie Tasler, University of Glasgow (Impact and Practice)
    • Dr Kate Cuthbert, Staffordshire University (Community and future)
    • Laura Stinson, Nottingham Trent University (Organisation and Events)
    • Sue Beckingham, Sheffield Hallam University (Social-Media)
    • Professor Peter Hartley, Edge Hill University (Historian)
    • Neil Withnell, University of Salford (Awards and Recognition)
    • David Wooff, BPP University (Chair)
    • Liam Bullingham, University of Essex (Technical)

    As a widely recognized open educational resource the National Teaching Repository has made a significant impact on the global higher education community. 

    Award Nominator

    A truly exemplary initiative worthy of an award. Highly collaborative, of note is that the Repository community has support with 141 teaching-colleagues affiliated with 86 institutions globally. It seems like a thriving and growing community with great potential

    Award Reviewer

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    OEG Live webcast, August 16, 2023

    We were delighted to win our OER Award last year. The award recognised the hard work of everyone involved in the National Teaching Repository, and all of those who support through the open sharing of their learning and teaching research and resources. As a result of winning the award, promoted the space, and as a result we witnessed an increase in traffic and of course open sharing, which is brilliant for everyone! We can’t thank OEGlobal enough and extend our warmest wishes to this years winners!

    Dawne Irving-Bell

    About Open Collaboration Award

    A successful environment that fosters the collective production of open resources and open practices with a shared goal. An interchange of ideas supported through technologically mediated collaborative platforms, encouraging new opportunities for people to form ties with others and create things together; encouraging diversity of goals, backgrounds and cultures. These might include communities of practice, joint project ventures, multi-institutional collaboration, multinational cooperation.