Open Course Award


CCC ZTC Degree Program (California, United States)

This course explores the fundamental connections between Equity, Open Educational Resources (OER), Guided Pathways, and Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) programs. Participants will employ an equity cognitive frame to examine the impact of textbook costs on student success, and the disproportionate impact on historically underserved students. They will also dig into the growing research on OER efficacy, consider the “what” and “why” of Guided Pathways, and review case studies on successful ZTC pathways, across the state and beyond. Participants will leave this course understanding how OER and ZTC pathways promote student success and reduce equity gaps.

The course was created as part of the California Community Colleges’ Zero Textbook Cost Degree program. We are pleased to share the course as an openly licensed resource, and would be interested in opportunities to offer the course in a facilitated version.

About Open Course Award

An open course -OCW or MOOC- of exemplary quality in its presentation of educational content; in breadth, depth and creativity.