Open Repository Award


Universidad de Cantabria (Cantabria, Spain)

OCW Universidad de Cantabria (OCW UC) has been creating OpenCourseWare since 2009, expanding and improving their list of resources every year. OCW UC is the most visited repository in Spain and one of the most relevant resources in Latin America. Moreover, the University of Cantabria contributes to fostering open education through initiatives such as its Repository of Teaching Resources. This carefully selected and organized collection of resources serves to enhance teacher’s knowledge on open education methodologies, and improve their ability to create high quality teaching materials and activities. This repository is constantly updated to include the latest developments in each one of its categories: 1) Applications and services; 2) Online courses; 3) Educational conferences and events; 4) Open educational resources; 5) Training in online teaching; 6) Repositories.

About Open Repository Award

An exceptional collection of high-quality OER presented after a curation process. More than merely collecting content on a specific subject, strong curation involves carefully selecting content and evaluating it for a specific purpose. Presenting it in a meaningful and organized way that can then be customized and re-shared for future users.