Open Repository Award

Repositorio Latinoamericano de Convocatorias Educativas (RELACE)

RELACE (Nuevo León, Mexico)

Today, proposals for digital repositories arise not only for concentrating scientific production, but they also seek to collect, organize and disseminate specific information or content. In that sense, the Latin American Repository of Educational Calls (RELACE in Spanish) is presented, which aims to recover, organize and disseminate all those educational events and calls originated in Latin America. RELACE has presence in more than 12 Latin American countries (Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, Costa Rica, Chile, Perú, Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador.) through our curators of educational content who identify, evaluate and collect the most important educational events in their country or region.  RELACE has provided information, calls, events and educational content available to more than twenty thousand students, teachers, professors, researchers, and academics from the educational field who visit our site.

About Open Repository Award

An exceptional collection of high-quality OER presented after a curation process. More than merely collecting content on a specific subject, strong curation involves carefully selecting content and evaluating it for a specific purpose. Presenting it in a meaningful and organized way that can then be customized and re-shared for future users.