Open Policy Award

OERTX Initiative

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (TX, United States)

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) launched in November 2020, a new Division of Digital Learning Division (DDL). The mission of the DDL is providing leadership and advocacy for digital learning in higher education. The DDL accomplishes its goals by promoting, sustaining, and advancing a quality digital learner experience positioning Texas as a world leader and resulting in globally competitive digitally proficient citizens.

One objective of the THECB and the DDL is to facilitate the use of digital, Open Educational Resources (OER). The DDL makes OER available to Texas faculty and students with the goal to make them affordable, accessible, and flexible to use. The DDL has taken an innovative and multi-faceted approach to this endeavor, called OERTX.

The OERTX initiative includes capacity building grants, a digital resource repository, community building hubs, events, and multiple partnerships with OER leaders in the state and across the nation. The OERTX initiative illustrates a commitment to implementing innovative and high-impact open education policies and practices in Texas and beyond.

About Open Policy Award

Creation, adoption and implementation of an open policy, legislation or mandate. A policy with a clear impact of public investment in the development of open knowledge through the efficient use and reuse of resources for the public good.