Open Reuse / Remix / Adaptation Award

Open Technical Communication

Kennesaw State University (GA, United States)

Open Technical Communication is a freely available, open-sourced technical communication textbook developed under a Round 3 Textbook Transformation Grant and updated through several follow-up grants in later rounds of grants offered by Affordable Learning Georgia. It is a remix of the open-sourced Online Technical Communication textbook by David McMurrey, and it has been known under its original title, Sexy Technical Communication as well as its current title: Open Technical Communication (Open TC). 

Open TC has been through many rounds of continuous improvement over the years. What began as a rather amateur design and title from a group of first-time OER-developers has evolved over the years into a professionally designed, accessible, and interactive open textbook that has been adopted by faculty all over the United States and in several other countries. This is an up-and-coming, tactically developed open textbook that is taking the field of technical and professional communication by storm.         

About Open Reuse / Remix / Adaptation Award

An outstanding example of OER reuse, remix or adaptation. This may include examples of significant iterative improvements of resources including translation and localization.