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Special Issue of the Journal for Multicultural Education

Lehman College, CUNY (United States)

A special issue of the Journal for Multicultural Education on the Intersections of Open Educational Practices and Equity Pedagogy was released in December 2022. This issue, edited by Stacy Katz and Jennifer Van Allen, sought to further the discussion of Open Educational Practices (OEP) with a focus on pedagogical considerations and practical applications of equitable OEP, adding to the current dialogue and critical questions posed by scholars around the world, including important emphasis on OEP for equity and social justice.

Open education practices are not necessarily equitable without intention. In this special issue, we showcase examples of how educators and learners center equity pedagogy and open education in their research and practice. While grounded in theory, the papers emphasize practical applications of and opportunities afforded by open practices using equity pedagogy. The authors provide details about and insights into the projects they discuss. Each project creates opportunities for readers to integrate the principles and findings in their own contexts as they work toward more equitable and open teaching and learning.

Guest editorial: Introduction to the intersections of open educational practices and equity pedagogy

Within this issue are nine articles covering the themes of professional development applications, classroom applications, and learning design suggestions.

This special issue addresses a gap in the field and provides needed examples of the practices in action in multiple contexts from higher education and K-12 classrooms to professional development. It is a tool that can be used to guide others in envisioning OEP within their educational contexts.

Additional video resources from authors are available via YouTube and the issue has also been recently republished on the CUNY Manifold platform including ancillary resources and introductory videos with key takeaways. Manifold also allows for social annotation where authors and readers can interact.

Most of the scholarly literature around open and social justice has centered on theories and perspectives; however, this special issue focuses on practical elements and research on implementing OEP for social justice and equity.

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This is a great resource. We need more research on this, I also loved the inclusion of a YouTube playlist with the authors of each article.

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