Open Repository Award


TU Delft (Delft, Netherlands)

Grasple is an easy-to-use platform where teachers can find, edit, and share open learning materials. Teachers can share online exercises and lessons with other educators and with students so they can practice at their own time and pace.  The mission of Grasple, a social enterprise from the Netherlands, is to make knowledge openly accessible to everyone and to strive to help people learn difficult concepts by practicing with high-quality exercises, created by educators who build on each other’s work. They achieve this by partnering with universities, such as Delft University of Technology, to release open educational resources. 

About Open Repository Award

An exceptional collection of high-quality OER presented after a curation process. More than merely collecting content on a specific subject, strong curation involves carefully selecting content and evaluating it for a specific purpose. Presenting it in a meaningful and organized way that can then be customized and re-shared for future users.