Open Collaboration Award

European Network of Open Education Librarians – ENOEL

SPARC Europe (The Netherlands)

SPARC Europe’s European Network of Open Education Librarians (ENOEL) is a community of European academics who share educational values and advocate for Open Education (OE). Established in 2018, the ENOEL encourages and facilitates the exchange of ideas with peers and values learning from one another to drive Open Education possibilities forward. Librarians in the ENOEL aim to recognize libraries in Higher Education as key trusted partners in making educational resources and practices open and accessible to all, in alignment with the UNESCO OER Recommendation. 

Through activities and outputs at different levels, ENOEL members share their experiences within and outside the network and create resources that everyone can reuse and adapt to advocate for more OE. People in the ENOEL work together, help each other, share tools, resources, and practices, and collaborate to make Open Education the default as soon as possible. 

The ENOEL Youtube Channel collects videos, podcast and conversations with OE Champions that explore how to collaboratively make open the default. 

Explore the ENOEL Resources for librarians & Open Education enthusiasts created by network members.

About Open Collaboration Award

A successful environment that fosters the collective production of open resources and open practices with a shared goal. An interchange of ideas supported through technologically mediated collaborative platforms, encouraging new opportunities for people to form ties with others and create things together; encouraging diversity of goals, backgrounds and cultures. These might include communities of practice, joint project ventures, multi-institutional collaboration, multinational cooperation.