2021 Individual Awards Winners

Open Education is a human movement that thrives on the shoulders of extraordinary people that make it possible.  Every year, the Open Education Global is honored to recognize such individuals in the Open Education Awards for Excellence. 

Individual Awards are special merit awards presented to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to advance openness in education.  These awards recognize achievements in five main categories: Leadership, Educator, Emerging Leader, Support Specialist and Student Award. 

This year the OEG Board of Directors granted a President’s award too. The President’s awards is given to an institution or an individual for exceptional contributions to the field of open education, serving as inspirational model of engagement and commitment.

Willem van Valkenburg 

President’s Award

Melissa Highton

Leadership Award

Orna Farrell

Educator Award

Gino Fransman

Emerging Leader Award

Werner Westermann

Support Specialist

Hannah Rothmann

Student Award

Please reply and extend your congratulations to the winners, or ask them any questions about their award-winning efforts.