2021 Open Practices Awards + Open Resilience Award Winners

The Open Education Global is excited to announce the 2021 Open Practices Awards + Open Resilience Award Winners.

Open Practices are collective behaviors and techniques that open up access to educational opportunities. These practices promote and support the use of open educational resources, technologies, and social networks to facilitate collaborative and flexible teaching and learning. 

The Open Resilience Award is one of our special categories this year. It recognizes exemplary leadership and open educational practices implemented in the context of COVID-19. Activities that clearly demonstrate the implementation of open education practices to address opportunities and challenges arising from COVID-19.

For 10 years, Open Education Global’s Open Education Awards for Excellence has seen and acknowledged the growth and impact of Open Education and its increasing number of advocates. The winners of these awards represent works that encapsulate the aspirations of the movement, further inspire outstanding achievements, and add immeasurably to the shared wealth of the open education community. Celebrating the growth, diversity, and impact across the Open Education sector, this year there are four major focuses with 16 award categories in total.

And the winners are…

The 2021 Open Resilience Award winner is:

The 2021 Open Practices Awards winners, in five different categories, are:

Open Pedagogy

An innovative open teaching practice that incorporates openness in several levels of the learning processes. Engaging not only in the production, use and reuse of content but also promoting effective open teaching practices.

Open Collaboration

A successful environment that fosters the collective production of open resources and open practices with a shared goal. An interchange of ideas supported through technologically mediated collaborative platforms, encouraging new opportunities for people to form ties with others and create things together; encouraging diversity of goals, backgrounds and cultures.

Two wonderful initiatives share the spotlight:

Open Policy

Creation, adoption and implementation of an open policy, legislation or mandate. A policy with a clear impact of public investment in the development of open knowledge through the efficient use and reuse of resources for the public good.

Open Research

A research study or initiative about open education and/or related areas. A study or initiative that helps advance our understanding and demonstrate effectiveness related to challenges of the Open Education movement.

Open Innovation

Outstanding innovation that brings a new approach to open education. Ideas or solutions that present innovative applications of OER to create new opportunities or address existing challenges in open education.