Wildcard Award

“We Like Sharing” Open Photo Competition

Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)

Coinciding with Open Education Week, the ‘We Like Sharing’ Open Photo Competition has taken place every year since 2021. Staff, students and alumni of TU Delft (their friends and families too!) are invited to submit a photograph that represents what openness means to them.

These photos are shared publicly in the ‘We Like Sharing’ photo bank in flickr under the Creative Commons license that each author chooses.

The last edition has been the most successful to date with 95 entries. Read about the 2023 competition and the winners, including the three winning photographs.

The open photo competition is a fun, easy and safe way not only to put ‘open’ in people’s minds (concepts such as accessibility, permissions, sharing, open licenses, attribution, reuse, etc.), but also to get them to be open.

The experience of sharing a photograph becomes a game changer– if you shared an image, what else can you share? Will you remember that feeling of receiving credit for your photo when you reuse someone else’s? And all the time working together to create a repository of fantastic photographs that are publicly available for everyone to use — currently including 884 images with 400K views.

The reason why I’d like to nominate WLS Open Photo Competition is because it brings me immense joy! 

Award Nominator

This is an excellent initiative, build on democratic and participatory values as evidenced in everybody’s contributions is included and the way judgement is made on who wins…. This photo competition is a really wonderful way to help anybody to express in a visual way, share and connect with others. The simplicity of it, is its biggest strength!

Award Reviewer

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